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Kyle Club
An annual maintenance plan for homeowners.
Discover Our Exclusive Residencial Maintenance Services!
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Main Office Location
5 SE 9th St Deerfield Beach, FL
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Service Areas
Broward & Palm Beach Counties
1. Check all faucets for leaks
2. Water heater evaluation
3. Garbage disposal inspection
4. Dye test all toilets for leaks
5. Check all fixture drains
6. Treat all drains with Bio Clean (keep the container - $80 value)
7. Check washing machine hoses
8. Check exterior hose bibs for leaks
9. Check all hot and cold-water supply lines
10. Check and tag all emergency shutoff and water shutoff valves
11. Toilet inspection
12. Water quality evaluation and recommendation
13. Discounts with Kyle Plumbing preferred partners
14. Prioritized service calls over non-plan customers
15. Waive $95 dispatch fee (2 times per year)
16. 10% off hydro jetting, cameras, sewer work, back flow certifications and replacements, and water filtration systems
17. 60-day labor and parts warranty for labor and/or parts supplied by Kyle Plumbing
Services Available on Kyle Club