Is Your Toilet Hissing? Ignoring That Sound Can End Up Costing You Big

Is Your Toilet Hissing? Ignoring That Sound Can End Up Costing You Big

It’s happened to nearly all of us — you’ve walked into your bathroom and noticed a slight hissing sound coming from your toilet tank area. This sound of a toilet hissing is often ignored, but doing so could cost you with increased water bills over time.

Ignoring this sound can lead to significant water waste and higher utility bills, as the continuous flow of water can add up to hundreds, even thousands of gallons over time. This is because your water utility company charges you based on usage, without differentiating between regular use and leakage. Therefore, it’s important to address the toilet hissing sound promptly to avoid these issues.

Common Cause of a Toilet Hissing: Faulty Fill Valve

A faint hissing sound in the toilet tank is often due to a faulty fill valve. In most standard toilets, there are two separate valves in the tank, one of which is a valve that automatically fills the tank each time the toilet is flushed. If this piece becomes blocked or defective, water will continuously flow into the tank’s cistern at a steady rate.

This constant flow can lead to significant water waste. If left unchecked, the amount of flowing water can add up to hundreds, even thousands of gallons over a period of time. Unfortunately, your water utility company does not differentiate when you have an issue with an appliance, and you will still be charged for the water usage. That’s why it’s crucial to address this toilet hissing issue as soon as it is discovered to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Immediate Steps to Take

Is your toilet hissing? How to avoid costly issues!

For this reason, it is essential that your toilet hissing/water filling noise is addressed as soon as it is discovered. The good news is that this problem is typically not considered a plumbing emergency and does not require an immediate service call by a plumbing technician.

If you notice the noise, you should shut off the toilet water supply valve, which is located on the wall near the toilet’s base. Turning this valve in the off position will prevent any additional water from entering the toilet area and allow you to schedule a convenient time for a plumber to come out and inspect the problem. If this is your only toilet and it still needs to be used, you can still turn the valve off and simply turn it on only when the toilet needs to be flushed.

This simple action can save you from wasting water and incurring additional costs until the toilet hissing issue is resolved.

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