Clogged Kitchen Sink? Do’s and Don’ts When Attempting a Fix

Clogged Kitchen Sink? Do’s and Don’ts When Attempting a Fix

A kitchen sink is much more susceptible to clogging due to food and garbage that commonly find their way down the pipes. And while garbage disposals help to alleviate the likelihood of a clog, over time, the steady accumulation of waste will eventually lead to a clogged kitchen sink.

Before you contact a plumber for a service call, there are some things that can be done to attempt to undo the clog on your own. They include:

1) Use a Plunger. If you are one of the lucky ones, a plunger will do the trick in getting your sink unclogged. If you have a double sink, be sure to plunge the drain opposite to where your garbage disposal is located. Too much pressure/suction exerted on the garbage disposal’s side may damage your appliance. Additionally for double sinks, be sure to plug the drain opposite to where you are plunging to help increase the pressure that will release the trapped debris.

2) Avoid the Use of Chemicals. Chemicals such as bleach or Drano can often have a negative effect and can be dangerous. Avoid the use of chemicals when attempting to unclog your kitchen sink or other pipes within your home.

3) Remove PVC Piping. If plunging does not work, the next step will be to disassemble the PVC joints and pipes underneath the sink. As a strong word of caution, if you are not comfortable doing this, now would be the time to call a plumber. Improperly disassembling and re-attaching your kitchen sink’s piping may create additional problems for you. Be sure to have buckets and pans underneath the pipes to catch the water that will drain out and unscrew these pipes SLOWLY to avoid a mess. More often than not, the source of your clog will be contained within these pipes and removing the debris will ultimately solve your issues.

4) Deep Clog May Require a Plumber. If after following the above steps fails to unclog your sink, there is most likely a clog beyond reach and a service call to an experienced plumbing technician may be in order. This type of clog will require a mechanical auger (snake). Lowe’s and Home Depot sell hand augers, but it is advisable to not attempt to use this device unless you are 100% confident in what you are doing. DIY auger jobs by inexperienced homeowners often lead to additional problems and damage to a home’s piping system.

If you are a homeowner long enough, it’s not a question of IF your kitchen sink will clog, but WHEN. Being equipped with the right information is important in helping to resolve your issue without damage/flooding to your home.

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